Gateshead College And Higher Education

Often when changing a career or first applying for a job, an employer or a person in the human resources department will first glance at where your years of education were spent. These days, seeing Gateshead College as an extension of your higher education is looked upon as a good quality.

The management structure right through to their mission statement and values work hand in hand to deliver a complimentary and wide reaching curriculum which aims to provide an education second to none. Their staff are also available to answer any questions with careers guidance, financial support or welfare issues.

Full Time Courses At Gateshead College

Gateshead College offers a variety of NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications), diplomas and degrees which you can study full time at their Baltic Campus. These can be fully funded by yourself or you can apply for a loan or funding. Simply visit the website for further clarification.

The courses range from NVQs and diplomas in Business, leadership and management right through to Games Design, Hairdressing and the construction and buildings sector. Courses last from one to three years and by the end of the term, you should be qualified to undertake any position of employment presented.

Gateshead College also offers Part Time courses which is great for stay at home mothers, those who already have a job but are seeking a better paying position. Or for those in the job they already love and wish to advance their learning to take up a higher position and advance through the company they are currently employed within.

Higher Education At Gateshead, Degrees and HND

Sometimes it's not always appreciated how much funding goes into higher education but at Gateshead College this is all too clear. Their £75 million educational facility is testament to that fact. While employing teachers with working backgrounds in the majority of areas taught.

Taking a step up the management ladder can often require several years working up from the shop floor or office desk. Many students prefer to reroute their career and avoid that aspect entirely. Though both ways are excellent in achieving career goals. Take up a BA Hons in Leadership and Management or a Foundation Degree in Business Management.

BTEC HNC in engineering and manufacturing, studies available for those interested in drama and the contemporary arts. With games development, healthcare, sports subjects and computing and information technology all having relevant degrees and diplomas which can help you achieve in your chosen career.

You can also attain further learning and career opportunities by registering with their apprenticeships program which matches applicants with employee requirements. Backed up by certification by the end of the term and even the hope of further prospects with the same company once qualified.

And for employers looking to grow the talent within their existing staff, a program offers employers the ability to train staff further on an ongoing basis.