Gateshead Football Club

Gateshead Football Club play at The International Stadium in Neilson Road just a mile from the High Street in the city of Gateshead which is situated in Tyne and Wear. They currently ply their trade in the Conference, which is the fifth tier in the English Football League table.

Under the chairmanship of ex Sunderland Chairman Graham Wood and Brian Waites the club has seen growth and success in recent years. In 2013 the pair unveiled plans to move to a new stadium on the old grounds of the North Durham Cricket & Rugby Club which is just opposite the Gateshead Civic Centre.

The new stadium will cater for 8,000 fans and will be offering seating under covered stands. This is all being done to not only help the football club grow but to ensure football league status is readily met should they win promotion to Division Three in the near future. Which after back to back promotions is a very real possibility.

Gateshead Football Club History And Connection With The Locals

It used to that the town or city's football club would be the bedrock of pride, these days football has a lot of competition. Though without doubt when a team sees success in its local area, the local population tends to turn out in droves to support the success of their local team. Whether a true fanatic or otherwise.

Gateshead is a family club which began in 1930 after combining with neighbours South Shields. They didn't always languish in the lower reaches of the football league and like most football clubs have been bouncing around divisions for many decades.

History has a funny way of repeating itself, the football club has disappeared three times (almost four) in the last century with the second time being saved again as a new South Shields football club moved into Gateshead to replace them, changing their name once again, just as in 1930.

However in 1977 the same happened again and another club Gateshead FC replaced the newly named Gateshead United. However with a history of FA Cup runs and a future which bodes well, the Gateshead population who adorn the terraces at the current stadium are looking forward to a bright and more stable future.

Ticket prices are typically £14 for adults with almost half price admission for senior citizens and children. The club also runs a community coaching scheme, a kind of school of excellence in a bid to capture local talent in the area and feed that individual success into a team effort which is Gateshead Football Club.